busy making future headlines

Happy Thursday everyone, today was the first day of classes for UC students, school was a breeze, hopefully it will continue to be easy and breezy all quarter, I won't count on it. Anyway, moving back to SB has been a very smooth transition, Gustavo already came up to visit :) It was only for a few hours but it was a very much needed and pleasant few hours. OH! And I just got my film developed sooo, there's some pics from when we spent the day in Venice right before I left.  And Intelligentsia in Venice was pretty amazing, much more seating, decor and a "cute" atmosphere PLUS the baristas wore little train conductor outfits, they were the cutest! I really wanted to take a picture of them but it would have been awkward.

I just noticed that the graffiti picture says "Venice" ha! And here are a few from when Gustavo came to visit on Tuesday! I made him a delicious breakfast because he woke up suppper early to drive up here and we spent the day downtown, of course drinking coffee, holding hands and picture taking. (some are from my iphone).  

I honestly can't believe I live here, this is right by my house! It's gorgeous. I've been spending the week finding little hidden places  around here, it's so fun and so beautiful. I am finding really great potential photo shoot places! Beginning with an abandoned red barn! I need to thank FANCYTREEHOUSE for my cute little baby blue blouse and great grandma knit sweater! 
Oh, and I almost forgot, here is a pic of my living quarters. The room is MUCH bigger but this is my little space plus there's a desk of mine that you can't see, I like it. And the house, oh man the house is huge and has a really great balcony on the roof where you can view all of Isla Vista. I can see the mountains on one side and on the other, I have a view of the ocean, it is truly amazing. 

Alexia I stole your stolen idea of how to hang my pictures :)