here it goes again...

Happy Tuesday everyone :) I would complain about the heat but that's old news, and I can still wear my summer time dresses so that's good news.  I am currently at one of my favorite coffee shops in SB The French Press, mmm such great coffee. I've been playing around with hipstamatic a lot and am loving some of these pictures.
Here is my delicious vanilla latte, and part of the coffee shop I am at. I want the chandelier!

I went for a walk this afternoon, I walk up my street a bit and then I am right above the ocean on a cliff and theres a path way that just goes all the way around the cliff and leads to Sands Beach, a little hidden beach at the end of Isla Vista. And they have these birds that are endangered that they keep there, it is pretty neat. Well here is mi casa and a few pictures from my little walk. 
And my friend took this one because he was amazed that the inside of my purse matched my dress, ha! It wasn't intentional, I promise. 
Oh, and I want to thank everyone for their kind comments, it means so much to me! You guys are so sweet. And let me know if there are any awesome blogs I should be following. 
That's all for now!