life & the sort.

I had a lovely weekend, Alexia & Frida took the train to visit me!
Friday night we cooked a delicious dinner, vegetarian pizza and pasta. We attempted to watch The Royal Tenenbaums but we weren't in the movie mood. Frida fell asleep in my bed while Alexia and I sprawled across the floor to work on Coral Clay. We made some big decisions, decided no more ebay and onto etsy, we also decided we would hopefully begin December 1st! 

Saturday we made a delicious breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage and pumpkin pancakes yummm. 
After our marvelous breakfast we left to go explore some thrift stores and stumbled upon a few good ones and we found a couple of old bookstores. I love the smell of old books, I couldn't help myself, had to buy a few classics, they were so cheap! :) 

And of courseee, we had to do a Coral Clay photo shoot, a mini one because we only had a couple of dresses here... but a photo shoot nonetheless. Here's a couple of em... 

Saturday night we went to the Upper Room, a shed filled with a bunch of students praying for each other  and rejoicing in God's love. It was awesome, we all got to meet and talk to people and have a few people pray for us ♥ The next morning, we got up very early and went to church at Reality Carp, which was such a good time of worship! We then went through a drive-thru coffee shop ordered come amazing coffee and then stopped at McDonalds (GROSS, i know but we were hungryy) and went on our way to 
LA. We were driving down the 101 with the ocean right next to us, we had to pull over and take a few photos! 

Sorry for the photo overload! I have to add a few more from Charlene, my film camera... 

Sorry for all of the photos but it was an AMAZING weekend with amazing people. 
I hope everyones week is going well..... ♥