sweat pea. apple of my eye.

So excited it is finally Friday! I have two of my favorite people taking the train to come visit me in Santa Barbara this weekend, so I am sure I will have tons of pictures verrry soon!
As for Halloween.... My boyfriend and I went as Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gorden-Levitt being Sid and Nancy. Not many people got it, but it is a brilliant idea. If you haven't seen the youtube video, go watch it. And ignore the vulgar language.

Last weekend Gustavo and I visited the wedding location in (500) days of Summer, where Millie gets married. It is a gorgeous park facing the ocean, with a victorian lighthouse just right there in the middle. 

Sunday we spent the whole day exploring downtown LA, we went to an adorable little place called bottega louie for lunch, we shared a pizza, it was delicious! :) 
We found an old bookstore and I spent too much time in there, until Gustavo pulled me out of the door, but not until I purchased three classics! Here are some photographs of our adventuring...

That is all for now, I must entertain my guests.