somedays aren't yours at all

Maybe it's because I am graduating college or have to face the reality of starting life as an adult, that I now realize how fleeting time is. How quickly I have arrived at this time, this moment, with all of my achievements and memories stuffed in my back pocket. I am thrown out into the world to be an "adult" or at least a test trial of adulthood. I have learned recently one very valuable lesson though and that is that friendships and relationships are the most important part in this life, they should be held tightly, regarded highly above other petty things. We are people, we are fragile and we should be handled with care by the ones that love us and treat them the same way. Put others above yourself, because Jesus says so. No excuses. 

I did a few mini photo shoots with some of my amazing housemates. I wanted to do a fictional reality dream montage type of thing and here's what happened... 

Danae Damron

Kaitlyn Hollister

Amy Van Voy

Live your life to the fullest. You only live once. 

"when you are younger
you wish you were older
and then you get old
all of the questions
outnumber the answers
i guess you never know
so much of living
is wasted on worry
of things you can't control"
- Doom and Gloom