the first of april

I am so happy it's April, all the flowers are sprouting out of the ground and the world is a little brighter. My love and I drove to the desert to visit my family for Easter. I spent time with my grandma looking through old pictures of her as a little girl and pictures of my great grandparents, man they were so hip! It's amazing to see photos of where you come from, pictures from past generations living in a different time. 

Driving on the way back to Los Angeles, we drove down windy roads and farmlands. I wanted to stop and take pictures of everything, but we were on a time crunch (had to get home to watch Game of Thrones season 3 premiere duhh)! The clouds and colorful skyline looked like a dream, I wish I could have captured it. 

Have a happy April, play a silly prank on someone and laugh about it. 

pictures of me & my love.