big sur, big heart.

for our last anniversary (10 years, guys) we took a mini road trip to big sur and it was heaven. we stayed at treebones resort in a secluded YURT, i told you - heaven! 

we drove aimlessly along the windy roads until we found a stairway that led to a vacant beach and by vacant i mean, a beach with a sign that said "do not enter" - oops! it was slightly raining and felt like the gods were pouring a bowl of mist over us and into the ocean. we got cozy on the rocks and opened a bottle of wine and waited for the rain to chase us away. 

if you have not been to the esalen hot springs, you need to put it on your bucket list right now. they have a public night option available for only $30. you drive down the very dark highway until you arrive at the institute with about 20 other people, they go over the rules 1. no talking 2. no phones 3. shower before entering 4. clothing optional. the world is pitch black, still and silent with only the moon and the dim stars shining on our naked bodies. the hot springs are on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the ocean, faceless strangers peering out into the blackness below and the crashing of the waves humming us all into a deep meditation. 

Photos are from my canon film camera and from my 5d mark iii, both camera's were stolen recently r.i.p.