my favorite things

 I recently became a LACMA member and I feel like a real angelino now. My friends and I come here often and I like to take picture of them admiring the art. 

The Last Bookstore, this isn't the first time I talked about this great place, it's one of my favorite places in LA. I discovered it when it was in a much smaller location, the exterior was used in 500 Days of Summer so that made it a little more special. You should go, and when you do, you should visit the art galleries up stairs.

So there's this AMAZING little (very very little) cafe near where I live called Sqirl, it's another one of my favorites. You can find me here on Saturday mornings.

Alexia is another one of my favorites. Her visits to Silverlake are always short yet sweet, she's a vibrant young spirit.

weekend, we want you back.

Merry Monday to you all. Someone please remind me to get a (or several) Shamrock Shake(s) before March is over, thank you! 

My friends and I did a bit of exploring this weekend. We visited the Eames House on Saturday, the architecture and design is simply amazing. You can check out photos of the Eames living room space when it was at LACMA.

Side note, I love living in LA. 
I have to get my film developed, I have lots more pictures to share!

where your soul wanders

I find myself reminiscing of a time and place where I could feel the ocean breeze and sink my hands into the sand while watching the sky turn red and the sun disappear into the sea. Some days, I wish I could photograph everything I see and everyone I know (and don't know) and remember how I felt at that exact moment always. 

Expired Film, Expired World.

Some days, today being one of those days, I feel as though nothing can touch me. I am indestructible. If you know me, you would know that I am not the indestructible type, in fact, my spirit is easily shaken and I am not strong. Today, though, I am strong. I feel like I finally understand who I am, at least the 24-year-old woman of 2013, I understand her. She’s getting stronger and the world is her oyster.

 Here are a few expired film prints. Film is my first love, there is nothing like it. 

I will shine and you will see. All my weaknesses aren't really weaknesses after all, but marks of the past that I will overcome. 

scenes from a train

I have never taken the train before, it was on my list of things to do before I turn 25. I get to cross that one off my list early this year. My love and I traveled the tracks from Union Station to Downtown San Diego. Why? Because why not?  Always welcome adventures. (and take lots of iPhone pictures). 

"I was the world. The world was me" - 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her

california winter

As all of Los Angeles is complaining about the rain, I dream of these rainy days. Staying inside and watching Audrey Hepburn movies and drinking tea, who could want anything more? Not me! 

1642 is one of my favorite bars in LA. Wow,  I almost didn't want to tell you guys that, it's just too good to keep to myself. 

All I have today is rainy day iphone pictures. 

Christopher Owens solo debut album Lysandre just came out and it is amazing! I wasn't sure how I would feel about Christopher Owens post Girls, but he's a lyrical genius so he can do no wrong in my eyes. 

f i l m

Finally, I have film photographs to share. I love the feeling of waiting for my film to be developed. How cool would I be though if I could develop my own film? Super cool probably. 

Los Angeles living

Los Olivos - wine tasting adventure with friends.

Alexia Delgado - Where The Fancy Things Are 
She's amazing and you should follow her blog. 

simple in the moonlight

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year to you! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season.

go see: I'm trying to catch up on movies before Oscar season - watched Les Miserables twice, because it's just that good (if you like musicals, which I do). Go see it. 

go visit: Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA if you're in LA. 

And now, a series of iPhone pictures. Some from Christmas, some from the view from my apartment and most from New Year's. 

Happy New Year to you! 

2 4 y e a r s y o u n g

Apparently you can't get film developed just anywhere now, they send it out somewhere and you get it back in a week... ? What happened to 1 hour photo places?? Maybe it will be all that more exciting, waiting in angst for your film to be returned, not in an hour but in a week, maybe?

I have been obsessed with this band, Alabama Shakes for about a month now and I finally went to Amoeba and purchased their record Boys & Girls. I have not stopped listening to their album, I may need to change the needle on my record player soon. They're up for a Grammy nomination for best new artist, I have a feeling they are about to explode!

My birthday was last Friday, I am now 24 years old. I had a really wonderful birthday, I felt very loved and appreciated by all of the people who care about me (work friends & clients too) and I am thankful for each person in my life. Life has been kind, for once. 

My boyfriend and I went to breakfast at Cafe Stella for my birthday, which we also went to for dinner for our 8 year anniversary! So basically, we love this place and even better we can walk there from our apartment in Silver Lake,! We spent last Saturday at UniqueLA - it was like an Etsy dreamland with free cocktails, heaven. 

I am excited that it is Christmas time, I wish December would last for two months - for the weather, Christmas lights, holiday drinks, coats and scarfs, and the joyous spirit in the air.  

While I am waiting to develop my film (still) I'll share more iPhone photos, for now.